billing online

Online billing

This is the easiest and most flexible billing system for Cisco UC

  • Flexible and efficient solution which is calibrated up to 20.000 CUCM users
  • Broad reports and analysis linked with the tendency chart
  • Full control and reporting through website, e-mail, and IP phones
  • Integration with LDAP, Active Directory and business applications (CRM/ERP)
  • Data base based on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Compatible with Cisco CUCM, BE 6000 and with CUCME (with the SRST service)

Easy and comprehensive

A truly good device for your CISCO UNIFIED MANAGER

Complete, flexible and easy to use solution for analysis of call costs for Cisco Unified CallManager systems

Online Billing is a solution which allows you to analyse and control costs of calls for Cisco. It enables you to analyse outgoing, incoming and domestic calls. Online Billing also gives you a multi-level access to data, e.g. on the level of common users, administrators and global cost’s operators.

Full analysis of phone calls

Costs of phone calls, analysis of incoming calls, access from any place and always up-to-date information


Universal reporting, tendency charts, sending automatically previously defined reports, alarms for specific occasions

Thanks to Online Billing application we are able to control and settle transactions with departments and cost centres. We can analyse calls according to directions, types of calls or their effectiveness. Each report can be filtered by means of many parameters and later can be visualized in the form of tables, graphs, and can be exported to many formats. Online Billing application gives you also opportunity to send defined reports automatically through e-mail and to indicated recipients or group of recipients.

Optimisation of call cost

Stable device for effective managing of phone calls expenses


Alarms for specific incidents, analysis of overuse

Online Billing application gives you the chance to define notifications in the form of alarms send by e-mail to the particular recipients. Information that can be sent: reports about calls made after work hours which defines the specific phone numbers that has been chosen (e.g. emergency calls), the most expensive calls, international calls. Notifications in the form of alarms can also refer to the information about missed calls and how long does the customer have to wait until someone answers the phone (control of helpline and customer services).


Wide possibility of development


Call control – record and control of private calls

  • Call control is an appliance which gives you the chance to record private calls as well as business calls within the company or institution
  • Mechanism which reminds employees about the necessity of marking private calls and which verifies if the task has been completed
  • Appliance which has got a set of essential reports allowing to record calls in the company and which are divided into private and business calls
  • Appliance which provides many control functions for the person who is responsible for recording all the data
  • Appliance which in a significant manner will shorten and simplify the process of marking out private calls by the employees

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